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"The Monster Lincoln" reveals the biggest lie America's government ever told its people.

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Paul H. Belz is a lifelong Baltimore bachelor and a graduate of Loyola University Maryland and The Johns Hopkins University. He taught high school history, American government, and economics for ten years, coached basketball for twenty years and has had an enduring passion for photography and writing.

His books include:   

The Monster Lincoln: The Lies My Schools Taught Me

Mallwalking: An American Snapshot as the 21st Century Began

Wisdom to Go: Proverbs to Live By

The American Opus

​BELZ: Portrait of an Old Baltimore Family


Wisdom to Go  is a compilation of over 550 favorite proverbs, adages, aphorisms, axioms, maxims and snippets of wisdom which collectively embody a philosophy of life. The book lists them alphabetically by author and again by subject. Read one each day for free. FREE


The American Opus  is an epic antebellum historical novel about the romance and adventures of Tom and Celeste Winans and the sowing of the seeds for America's greatness and demise. Sample the novel or purchase at the Amazon Kindle store at the link below.​ 

Essays on historical and human interest topics as diverse as polio, real estate sales, mallwalking, horse racing, and Abraham Lincoln offer humorous, poignant and informative moments. These vignettes and true character sketches are guaranteed to stir your emotions. FREE

Rather than love, than money,
than fame, give me truth.
Henry David Thoreau