The Real emancipators

Charles Burris' video essay  Abraham Lincoln's Terrible War

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the lincoln memorial should be renamed the freedom memorial with lincoln's statue replaced by the blacks and whites who took extreme risks to free the slaves and receive either insufficient or no recognition of their sacrifices by America's history books and monuments.

The Lincoln Lie



King Lincoln Archive

The King Lincoln Archive on presents a variety of authors who enlighten readers to facts so contradictory to Lincoln mythology that rebuttals require intellectual and emotional gymnastics worthy of a master contortionist.

Thomas J. DiLorenzo on the Lincoln Lies

More Lerone Bennett, Jr.

on the Lincoln lies

The Lincoln Lies

African-American historian Lerone Bennett, Jr. talks to Tavis Smiley about the Lincoln Lies.


Abraham Lincoln: What They Won't Teach You In School

The following white abolitionists worked in concert with black abolitionists to free the slaves. For his entire life Lincoln was either silent or worked against the abolitionist cause.                            

Judge Andrew J. Napolitano on Freedom

and Lincoln's Tyranny