The triangle represents writing's crucial elements:  simplicity, stability, unity, focus and engagement of the body, mind, and  spirit.

The philosophical tidbits contained in the book "Wisdom to Go" were carefully assembled incrementally over the 30-year period spanning 1975 to 2007. Collectively, the adages, aphorisms, axioms, maxims, proverbs, and snippets of wisdom embody a philosophy of life that has guided my actions and shaped my attitudes.

     Over 550 pieces of selected wisdom provide a window into a persona and a soul
self-described by the following adjectives and nouns: teacher, writer, eclectic, committed, dilettante, non-sectarian, cosmopolitan, iconoclastic, transcendental, happy, bohemian, sententious, family-centric, equanimity, tranquil.

     When considered in TOTALITY, this collection paints a spiritual, political, and economic self-portrait as accurately as a camera would record the physical.

TitWisdom to Gole


A book of inspirational proverbs, maxims, axioms, adages and aphorisms.

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